Children, Drought and Fuel

The children of East Africa are shouldering the burden of drought and climate change. 
Images from Drought coverage 2009 by Daisy Carlson.
A school well saves and protects lives of students in rural East Africa, but they are few and far between. 
A drought stricken waste land is no place for a child alone. This was lush grassland only a few years ago. 
Food Aid can provide relief but it is not a long term solution for the nutritional needs of children. 
Coal provides fuel but destroys habitats.  Solar stoves would make a wold of difference. 

Women walk miles to look for wood and water often on dangerous roads.

Maasai traditionally do not cut living wood but the drought has left them little choice if they are to survive. 

All children deserve an opportunity to thrive with dignity.  Reducing our emissions here can support  lives around the world. Cherish all our resources, use less and live more. Conserving resources protects the future of all living organisms. Living with dignity ourselves provides dignity for others.